Product Overview

Product Overview

SOFAR offers a wide range of inverters and energy storage systems, meeting the demands of all sorts of PV installations.

Residential sector: We offer reliable 1-phase inverters (1.1–10.5 kW) and 3-phase inverters (3.3–24 kW) with up to 2 MPPTs and extensive protective functions.

Commercial and industrial sector: SOFAR provides proven solutions for the C&I sector with its inverters (25–110 kW) which boast up to 12 MPPTs.

Utility-scale sector: We provide efficient and reliable inverters with up to 12 MPPTs for the utility-scale sector, suitable for industrial roofs and large-sized ground-mounted systems (80–255 kW).

Hybrid PV & Energy storage: SOFAR also produces 1-phase and 3-phase hybrid inverters (3–20 kW), AC-coupled inverters and energy storage units. Our storage solutions enable you to store anywhere from 2.5 to 200 kWh with one inverter, and up to 2000 kWh when connected in parallel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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