50000 / 60000 / 70000 W
Max. efficiency up to 98.5%
Type II SPD (Both AC and DC)
Remote firmware upgrade
I-V curve scanning function
IP65 design for outdoor
Max. 12 MPP trackers with 1.5 times DC overload

Reliable, proven technology for large commercial and ground-mounted PV plants

The SOFAR 50K...70KTL inverter series is the proven solution for larger PV installations.

The inverter features a large LCD screen, to enable easy configuration and monitoring. The SOFAR 70KTL is capable to operate with an AC voltage of up to 480V, so it can also be used in larger PV projects that are installed with their own transformers.

A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the Sofar monitoring portal.

Technical details

Data Sheet SOFAR 50000 TL SOFAR 60000 TL SOFAR 70000 TL-HV
Number of MPP trackers 3
Number of DC inputs 4/3/3 4/4/4
Full power MPPT voltage range 530 - 800 V 660 - 800 V
Rated power 50000W 60000W 70000W
Max. AC power 50000 VA 60000 VA 75000 VA
Nominal grid voltage 3/N/PE, 220/380 Vac, 230/400 Vac, 240/415 Vac 3/N/PE or 3/PE, 277/480 Vac
Grid voltage range 310 Vac - 480 Vac
(According to local standard)
422 Vac-528 Vac
(According to local standard)
Max efficiency 98.5 % 98.6 %
European weighted efficiency 98.3 % 98.4 %

Downloads - 50K…70KTL






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