Technical Support

Technical Support

To ensure the best support for our customers, SOFAR has set up local teams which stand ready to provide expert assistance with your PV system installation – from planning support with professional tools, such as PVsyst and PVsol, to giving advice on component selection for specific project requirements, SOFAR has got you covered.

Please contact us either by phone or by filling in the contact form.           

SOFAR locationPhone Nr.
SOFAR Service Center (English, Polish)+48 22 428 50 99
SOFAR France (French)+33 1 89 48 02 61
SOFAR DACH (German, English)+49 7121 31767-33
SOFAR Benelux (Dutch, English)+32 33 00 02 57
SOFAR Czechia (Czech)+420 210 023 175
SOFAR Spain & Portugal (Spanish)+34 919 490 931
SOFAR UK & Ireland (English)+44 1865 521052
Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co., Ltd. (Chinese)+86 510 66 90 23 01

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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