Technical Support

Technical Support

To ensure the best support for our customers, SofarSolar has set up local teams which stand ready to provide expert assistance with your PV system installation – from planning support with professional tools, such as PVsyst and PVsol, to giving advice on component selection for specific project requirements, SofarSolar has got you covered.

Please contact us:          

SofarSolar Service Center

+48 22 428 50 99 (English, Polish)


SofarSolar Customer Service Spain & Portugal

+34 877 91 12 16


SofarSolar GmbH

+49 176 57856224 (English, German)


Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co., Ltd.

+86 510 66 90 23 01


Our experts can help you directly on the phone or by email communication.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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