Residential PV & Storage

SofarSolar offers a large variety of products for residential PV systems.

Starting from 1.1 kW for small PV systems with three solar panels, up to 7,5 kW single-phase inverter.

The 3-phase residential inverters range from 3.3 kW up to 15 kW.

All solar inverters come with a Wi-Fi stick, which facilitates the integration to your home network.

All installations include our monitoring portal SolarMAN free of charge – in combination with your PV system.

Zero Feed-In and PV Self-Consumption

In some regions or countries, grid operators oblige system operators to equip PV system with a technical device which either ensures a pre-determined electricity feed-in below the agreed export capacity or guarantees that there is no electricity fed into the public grid at any time.

As shown in below graphic, during night-time, the energy consumption is fully covered by the grid.

During daytime, when PV power is generated, partly or completely the energy demand can be covered by the VP power.

If there is excess energy (brown), it can be fed to the grid, or curtailed by the inverter by adjusting the MPPT.

SofarSolar inverters have the inbuilt capability to limit the power to zero or to a pre-set value.

As a standard, our 1-phase inverters have an analogue input to connect a current transformer which measures the feed-in power.

Our 3-phase inverters can be controlled by SOFAR’s Anti-Reverse Power Controller (ARPC). Three current transformers are connected to the ARPC device, and power reduction signals are sent via 16 steps to the inverter.


The latest generation inverters like HYD 5-20KTL, 75-136KTL and 255KTL have a modbus input to connect a 3-phase smart meter for the real-time control. This setup also allows to control more than one inverter.

Our Products

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