GTX 3000-H
10 - 25 kWh
204.8 - 500 V
Simple stack installation, saving time and costs
Supports soft startup
Remote diagnosis and real-time data monitoring
Extensive cycle life (6000 times)
Supports parallel operation (up to 4 units)
Supports charging activation from AC

Stackable, high-voltage Li-Ion energy storage system above 10 kWh

SOFARSOLAR's high-voltage battery system consists of 4 to 10 GTX3000-H stackable battery modules, and one GTX 3000-BCU (Battery Control Unit). Up to four stacks can be connected in parallel. The GTX 3000-H battery system is compatible with SOFARSOLAR's HYD 5K...20KTL hybrid and ME 5K...20KTL battery inverter series.

Thanks to its specific mechanical design and click-to-connect power cables, the installation is both fast and user-friendly. With a lifetime of minimal 6000 cycles, the GTX 3000-H also makes for a sustainable investment.

Downloads - GTX 3000-H






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