5000 / 6000 / 8000 / 10000 / 15000 / 20000 W
AC-coupled energy storage inverter
Compact design with functional LCD
Flexible switching between grid-tied mode and energy storage mode
Wide battery voltage range (180 - 800 V)
2 strings of battery input with maximum 50 A charge and discharge current
Off-grid and On-grid output can be connected to unbalanced load
Max. battery charge / discharge efficiency 97.8 %

Three-phase battery inverter - the perfect solution to enable energy storage in your PV installation with on and off-grid functions 

The ME 5K...20KTL-3PH is a 3-phase high-voltage battery inverter for retrofitting storage into existing PV systems or systems with high power battery charging demand. During grid-outages, it can provide up to 20 kW unbalanced 3-phase emergency power supply (EPS) within 10ms through its integrated EPS-port.

Two MPPTs and two independent battery ports (on the 10K to 20KTL models) allow different configurations of the battery capacity. Among others, the ME 5K–20KTL-3PH is compatible with SOFARSOLAR's HV battery series (GTX 3000-H and BTS battery storage system).

Up to 10 inverters can be connected in parallel on the EPS and AC-port, which makes this device ideal for micro-grid installation (on or off-grid)

The integrated energy management system has various user-friendly modes, optimizing the user experience, including an automatic self-use mode. The user can also set different time and/or date ranges or day of week rules.

All modes can be easily configured on the large LCD screen. A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the SOFAR View monitoring portal.

Downloads - 5K...20KTL-3PH






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