Beyond Powerful: SOFAR’s Prime Solution for C&I and Small-scale Utility Solar

Beyond Powerful: SOFAR’s Prime Solution for C&I and Small-scale Utility Solar

SOFAR, the global leading provider of all-scenario solar PV and energy storage solutions, has begun selling 110~125KTLX-G4 series in the DACH region. The product portfolio has gained wide recognition for its tried and tested performance.  

Through the integration of industry-leading technology, the inverter series is tailored to meet the latest, highest standards in the market. Optimized for C&I and small-scale utility solar, SOFAR’s latest string inverter solution is equipped with 10 MPP trackers and is compatible with high-power solar modules. Featuring an advanced safety design, the inverter weighs only 75 kg, allowing for easy handling on-site.

High current, high yields

The product comes with 10 MPPTs that are compatible with 40 A high-current modules. This enables the installation of a PV system on various roof designs, ensuring lower LCOE and significantly higher yields.

Easy installation, hassle-free O&M

Weighing less than 75 kg, the inverter allows easy handling and installation, ultimately saving extra labor costs. Through SOFAR’s user-friendly cloud monitoring system and the added smart 24h monitoring feature, users can easily operate and manage their system.

Intelligent protection, proven safety

The inverter also features AFCI protection, a function that identifies signals of arc faults in the circuit, gives an early warning, and automatically disconnects the inverter before causing damage. The intelligent I-V curve scanning function ensures the optimal operation of the PV system, and the combination of IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion protection makes the inverter resilient to extreme working conditions. The internal fan offers reliability with IP68 protection and intelligent speed control, effectively extending the product’s lifespan. The unique drawer design, with plug-in terminals that are accessible without opening the cover, makes maintenance easier and improves the user experience.

 “A product like our 110~125KTLX-G4 has increased and facilitated the solar installations and penetration in the region,” says Christian Buchholz, Technical Head of SOFAR Europe. He further emphasizes that, “the SOFAR R&D department has developed a product which is relevant and caters to the local requirements of different market regions. This proves our dedication to continuous technological innovation and providing the most competitive solutions”.

Visit the website for more information about the SOFAR 110~125KTLX-G4: https://www.sofarsolar.com/product/details1147_1031.html

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