Powering Forward: SOFAR Unveils First Microinverter System for Future Home Energy

Powering Forward: SOFAR Unveils First Microinverter System for Future Home Energy

SOFAR, the global leading provider of PV & ESS solutions, held the Powering Forward New Product Launch where its latest technological innovation microinverter system SOFAR PowerNano made a stunning debut.

Designed for the digital home energy of the future, PowerNano is suitable for all-scenario applications through a combination of microinverter, smart home hub and AC battery, providing an easy-to-distribute, easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that maximizes the ROI of installing solar PV at home.

A Fusion of PV & ESS

SOFAR PowerNano microinverter systems consist of three solutions, covering a wide series of 1-in-1 (MR500), 2-in-1 (MR600, MR800, MR1000), and 4-in-1 (MR1600, MR2000, MR2400). By virtue of the integration of solar and BESS, it perfectly adapts to various scenarios including plug-in solar system, residential grid-connected systems and residential energy storage systems.

Coupled with ESS, PowerNano provides stable backup power in case of power outages which may bring substantial economic loss, making contributions to improving self-use rate while reducing electricity bills.

Enhanced Safety

One of the significant features of PowerNano is its guaranteed safety measures. The microinverter ensures DC voltage<60V with no DC arcing, making it safe for households with pets and children. Equipped with rapid shutdown (RSD) and IP67, the lifetime of PowerNano has been improved to 25 years.

Optimized Yields

Speaking of multi-orientation PV modules, mismatch is a critical sore point. On the basis of module-level MPPT input, the modules operate independently with no mismatch in the microinverter system. In addition, perfectly compatible with 182/210mm high power PV modules, PowerNano is able to realize up to 5% increase in energy yields.

Hassle-free O&M

Suitable for balcony and rooftop installations, PowerNano is incredibly easy to install with plug-and-play characteristic, further streamlining the installation and operation procedure. Meanwhile, users can implement smart energy management via remote monitoring with a cell phone.

On the strength of the proven competitiveness of PowerNano, SOFAR also signed MoUs with PowR Group, Elicity, PV Selected and Vögelin GmbH, significantly expanding its influence in residential microinverter sector and marking a crucial chapter of the company’s journey towards facilitating an affordable and net-zero lifestyle for all.

Guy Rong, Senior Vice President of SOFAR, believes that SOFAR PowerNano represents a landmark step towards global net-zero goals through a greener lifestyle for individuals and family. “The launch of PowerNano demonstrates our commitment to accelerating the adoption of solar and to support homeowners in gaining clean energy independence. By leveraging our R&D capacity, we hope to continue innovation and bring forth solutions to build a sustainable future for all,” he added.

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