BRC Solar and SOFAR confirm compatibility of their products for optimising the performance of photovoltaic systems

BRC Solar and SOFAR confirm compatibility of their products for optimising the performance of photovoltaic systems

Ettlingen, 07.03.2024 - BRC Solar GmbH, a German manufacturer of power optimisers for solar modules, and SofarSolar GmbH, a recognised manufacturer of inverters, have officially confirmed the compatibility of their products. This announcement represents an important step forward in the co-operation between the two companies to increase the energy efficiency and performance of solar installations.

BRC Solar's Power Optimiser M500/14, which enables the maximum yield to be achieved from all roofs, has been successfully tested with SOFAR's inverters. This confirms that BRC Solar and SOFAR products can interact seamlessly to maximise the performance of photovoltaic systems. In addition, the warranty of both products remains unrestricted even when used in combination.

In the past, roofs characterised by shading, different orientations or roof pitches posed a challenge for the effective installation of solar modules. In photovoltaic systems, the series connection of modules causes a problem, as the reduced output of a module that receives less solar radiation affects the overall output of all other modules in the chain.

However, BRC Solar's innovative solution can solve these problems. Inverters such as the HYD 20KTL-3PH hybrid device from SOFAR offer flexibility in string design with their two string inputs. This means that even complex roofs can be equipped with a photovoltaic system. If individual modules are affected by shading, different orientations or module inclinations, PV modules can be integrated into an existing string thanks to the BRC optimisers. This means that even more complex roof areas can be utilised efficiently, for example by installing additional PV modules on dormers or smaller roof areas.

With the interaction of SOFAR inverters and the Power Optimiser M500/14 from BRC Solar, the available power of the impaired module continues to be used, while at the same time the remaining modules in the string can maintain their maximum power unimpaired.

A special feature of the hybrid inverter from SOFAR is that it has two independent battery inputs for connecting up to 40 kWh of storage capacity.

With the genuine three-phase backup power mode up to 20 kVA, even three-phase devices can continue to be supplied with power almost without interruption during a power failure. In master/slave mode, this can provide up to 120 kVA in combination with up to 6 devices. The graphic display makes it particularly easy to configure various energy management functions or monitor the operation of the system.

"The confirmation of the compatibility of our products emphasises our joint focus on increasing the energy efficiency and performance of solar installations. Thanks to the seamless integration of our technologies, we can also successfully overcome the challenges of shaded roofs, different orientations and module inclinations. Our customers benefit from optimal utilisation of their roof areas and maximised performance of their solar systems. This collaboration enables us to drive forward the vision of optimised PV systems on every roof and thus make an important contribution to sustainable energy generation," emphasised Pascal Ruisinger, Commercial Director of BRC Solar, and Christian Buchholz, Technical Head Europe at SOFAR.

Further information can be found at https://brc-solar.de and https://www.sofarsolar.eu/

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