Virovitica, Croatia, 1.6MW

Integrated Solar Plant TVIN Virovitica

Project for the construction of a solar power plant to produce electricity for the company own consumption:

  • 1,887 kWp in PV panels
  • 1,600 kW in inverters

The photovoltaic power plant works on the principle of "customer own production": the photovoltaic power plant supplies the local factory if needed, otherwise all the produced "surplus" is fed and sold to the grid.

  • Total production of the photovoltaic power plant: 2,097,997 kWh per year
    • 1,781,442 kWh is consumed on site
    • 316,550 kWh is returned to the grid
  • Approx. saving realised thanks to the plant: 207 000 €
  • Fully profitable after 7 years
  • Lifespan of the photovoltaic power plant: 25 years minimum
  • Peak power of photovoltaic power plant: 1,887 kWp 1600 kW
Ul. Zbora narodne garde 2, 33000, Virovitica, Kroatien
June 2021
DEGAL Tehnika d.o.o.

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