Commercial Energy Storage

SOFAR’s powerful 20 kW 3-phase Hybrid-Inverters are suitable for all kinds of PV and energy storage projects.. With a small footprint of just xx xx xx cm, companies can put Li-Ion batteries up to 22,5 kWh of usable capacity. Up to four systems can be paralleled per inverter, adding up to 180 kWh per Hybrid inverter. Its robust IP65 design allows the installation of the battery in extreme and harsh environments.

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Industrial Peak-Shaving

In the energy industry, peak shaving refers to levelling out peaks in electricity use by industrial and commercial power consumers. Power consumption peaks are important in terms of grid stability, but they also affect power procurement costs: In many countries, electricity prices for large-scale consumers are set with reference to their maximum peak-load. The reason is simple: the grid load and the necessary amount of power production need to be designed to accommodate these peak loads. In other words, your energy bill depends on two major factors: the kWh consumed, and the peak energy demand over a certain period (month or year).

To optimize the energy bill, we recommend installing an energy storage system, like SOFAR’s GHTX3000 High voltage battery, in conjunction with the Hybrid inverter HYD 20KTL-3PH.

During low energy demand, the battery is charged by grid electricity, or from the PV system.

During high energy demand, the battery discharges itself using the stored energy therefore reducing the need of electricity from the grid.

PV Self-Consumption

Self-consumption can be defined as the share of the total PV production directly consumed by the PV system owner. With decreased subsidies for PV electricity in several countries, increased self-consumption could raise the profit of PV systems and lower the stress on the electricity distribution grid.  With today’s generation costs of PV energy, it is beneficial to use as much energy from your own PV plant for your own energy demand. SOFAR’s cost-efficient, high-voltage energy storage solutions are a perfect fit for this demand!

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